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Posted By Monique Dever On April 18, 2017

Patagonia Health Offers Billing and Payment Services through Partnership with BillFlash

Payment Services and Billing

Are you still licking envelopes and manually folding invoices?  Are you spending way too much time printing and processing and mailing invoices just to get paid?  Well, you may be interested in new payment services that interface with your Patagonia Health EHR billing system.


Patagonia Health has partnered with BillFlash, a third party vendor, who provides a complete suite of billing and payment services to help you get paid!


  • Online eBill
  • Online ePay
  • Print and Mail Invoices
  • Walk-in, mail, phone Office Pay


Services are contracted directly with BillFlash and we are happy to help facilitate the introduction.  For more information click to download the flyer!

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