Posted By Fuller Harvey On April 10, 2018

Who’s Driving Your EHR Implementation?

Ehr Implementation

Every fast-moving vehicle needs a driver, including your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. When transitioning from the archaic land of paper files to the cyber-driven world of secured, cloud-based data management, your agency needs a hero of a super-driver who not only believes in the platform, but also the people behind it, and the people it will serve.  Find your hero, and you’ve found your way to a successful transition.

To begin with, the person most likely to become your EHR Hero needs to:  a) understand the agency and its workflow, and b) understand how an EHR vehicle will effectively get the agency to its goals.

A Hero who believes in the EHR platform will:

  • Display keen enthusiasm for the idea of a secure, integrated, seamless, EHR, Practice Management (PM) and Billing
  • Dive into learning the “controls” and possess an understanding of the workings of the system both as the engine is revving (initial learning) and at full-speed (accessing the full array of capabilities).
  • Desire to make his or her enthusiasm and understanding contagious throughout the agency.

A Hero who believes in the people behind the platform will:

  • Embrace every opportunity to get behind the wheel of the system, from the “test drive” of the very first demonstration all the way through the “grand prix” of “go-live”
  • Engage with the sales, training, and support personnel of the EHR vendor – on a first name basis.
  • Encourage co-workers by assuring them of the power and team behind the platform.

A Hero who believes in the people the EHR will serve will:

  • Forge ahead – like blazing a trail – in a quest to provide better care and communication, at every level of patient engagement, from check-in to the final billing, from an immunization record to communication reminders of appointments.
  • “Forget-not’ the patient experience behind every screen and every data entry field of the electronic health record platform.
  • Faithfully steer both co-workers and clients to “lean in” to the implementation of the EHR.

Find your hero of a driver – -and let him or her guide your agency to the checkered-flag of a go-live victory.

For a real-life case study of a successful EHR implementation, click HERE to tap into the successful matrix used by Cleveland County Health Department zooming around the track and across the finish line with the “go-live” of their EHR.

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