Posted By Monique Dever On December 23, 2014

Reporting period to demonstrate meaningful use stage ends December 31st 2014 – are you ready?

meaningful use stage ends December 31st 2014 – are you ready?

December 31 marks the end of the last possible 90-day reporting period as the 2014 EHR incentive period ends. This means that October 3rd was the last day for eligible professionals to begin a 90-day reporting period to demonstrate meaningful use. If you are in the midst of collecting data for the 90-day reporting period and still have questions, you’re not alone. Here are some tools and guidelines that you may find useful to get started.


The two EHR Incentive programs established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) vary, and not all providers will qualify for Medicaid incentives. If you’re not sure if you are qualified for Medicaid vs. Medicare, this flow chart can guide you to an answer.


CMS allows participating providers to use the 2011 Edition, or a combination of the 2011 and 2014 edition of certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) if they were unable to fully implement the 2014 edition CEHRT. If you are not sure which rules apply to you, here is a simple Decision Tool to help clarify things.


Another source can be your EHR vendors. Some (not all) EHR vendors help their customers navigate the complexities of complying to meaningful use requirements as well as help you get your CMS incentive money. Make sure, contractually, that your EHR vendor, not only provides you a software upgrade at no additional cost (e.g. for upcoming meaningful use stage 3 in 2016) but also provides you EHR Incentive Assistance Service.


Beginning in 2015 all providers must report using the 2014 Edition CEHRT. Here is a Quick Guide to help you prepare.

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