Sure, price is important when buying an EHR.

What is the next most important thing for a Local Health Department? You may be surprised.   Local health departments across the nation have seen their budgets reduce year over year while expenses continue to rise. However, we all know Electronic Health Record (EHR) software will bring needed efficiencies while complying with federal EHR meaningful […]Read More »

Medical Record Errors: They’re more likely than you think.

What can we learn from Wikipedia?   “Look in your medical record, odds are you’ll find a mistake” is the headline of the article written by Laura Landro, assistant managing editor for the Wall Street Journal. This is an extremely relevant issue that affects both patients and healthcare providers. In fact, Landro states:   “Studies […]Read More »

7+1 bonus steps for EHR selection for local health departments

  With the federal mandate of using an Electronic Health Record (EHR), local health departments are diving in selecting an appropriate EHR. The fact that local heath departments are way behind with EHR adoption compared to other medical practices, the situation is more urgent. Only 22% of local health departments have some sort of an […]Read More »

The power of data in a blackout: LHD preparedness & emergency response

  The importance of data is a recurring theme in the current healthcare environment. For public health providers, whose focus is primarily on preventing disease and illness within their communities, staying one step ahead of potential issues is critical. So when a group of scientists recognized a key concern among public health officials, they developed […]Read More »

When it comes to EHR adoption, where does public health rank?

When it comes to the adoption of EHR software, the answer to the question “Who’s making the switch?” might surprise you—or not.   Of course, more and more providers are implementing EHRs today—78 percent of office-based physicians used some type of EHR system in 2013, up from 18 percent in 2001—but who has been the […]Read More »

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