Ebola on our minds

Because we are involved in the Public Health sector (and interested), it is hard not to follow the Ebola epidemic. Every news station aired has one story or another about new cases and reactions of the communities; the thousands affected in West Africa, and at least 17 travelers from other countries, including the United States. […]Read More »

What is it? EHR Dashboard App for local health departments

  A “Dashboard” provides users a quick view of overall performance of a system. For example, we are all used to a car dashboard which provides a quick view of performance of a car and its sophisticated engine. Car dashboards provide driver performance information (e.g. speed), indicators (e.g. remaining fuel, engine temperature) and warning alerts […]Read More »

What is Public Health?

  I’m pretty sure everyone in Public Health knows what Public Health is, but when it comes to those they serve, most don’t have any idea.   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of families and communities through promotion of […]Read More »

What’s happening with Title X Family Planning?

  The Title X Family Planning program, originally established as Title X of the Public Health Service Act in 1970, is a federal grant program dedicated to providing low-income individuals with comprehensive family planning services based on their ability to pay.   Title X clinical service providers include state, county and local health departments, community […]Read More »

Will your staff use and adopt your new Electronic Health Record EHR software?

  There are stories of new EHRs being bought and not used by the staff. Why is that? How do you make sure the EHR you select will get used? In one of our previous blog articles we discussed the 7+1 bonus steps for EHR selection. The most important +1 bonus talked about ease-of-use. Ease-of-use […]Read More »

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