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About Monique Dever

Monique integrates research and networking with her passion for health and well-being to provide important, up-to-date news, resources and current events to the public health communities. She is the Marketing Executive for Patagonia Health, an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software company focused on the public health sector.

Patagonia Health Hires Clark McKenna as New Strategic Account Executive

Patagonia Health Hires Clark McKenna

Patagonia Health, Inc., a leading supplier of Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions to the Public Health, Behavioral Health and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) markets, recently expanded its sales team by adding a Strategic Account Executive.  Clark McKenna joins the team bringing a broad range of experience to this new position at Patagonia Health, including […]

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Using EHRs as a Foundation for Enhanced Care

enhanced patient care

Electronic Health Record platforms have evolved over the years and now clinicians are using EHRs as a foundation for enhanced care. Recently, many EHR systems have incorporated new software that allows patients to register for vaccinations, send text messages and appointment reminders.  It’s true that technology has evolved in a great manner over the last […]

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Patagonia Health Offers Interface to PHIN Public Health Information Network

Patagonia Health has added an interface to PHIN, the Public Health Information Network, using the MINT Platform IHE. The PHIN is a national initiative to advance interoperable information systems for public health organizations. The interface option that has been added to the Patagonia Health EHR allows system users to lookup patients in PHIN to create […]

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The Threat to Mental Health during COVID-19 & How Practitioners Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has been full of challenges both mentally and physically for most Americans and the threat to mental health during COVID-19 has increased dramatically. Many have lost jobs, got laid off, lived in isolation, and existed in fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus for months on end. On top of that, the current […]

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Patagonia Health: Adapt & Innovate, At Speed

Adapting to COVID 19 EHR

“As a company, and as a country, we are vaccinating millions of people quickly. It is fascinating to see how people nationwide are contributing to fight COVID-19 to get us back to normal. There is no playbook thus, as a nation, it is all hands on deck,” Ashok Mathur, Founder & CEO, Patagonia Health. COVID-19 […]

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