The concept of apps is easily understood today due to the predominance of smartphones. Apps are software components that are easily installed and configured by the end-user, without requiring IT department intervention. Apps personalize user experience for all users of the EHR.

app-basedPublic health departments, behavioral health agencies, private medical practices, and community health centers including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) each have unique needs; as well, professionals inside these organizations have different workflows as they interact with patients in a different manner. Patagonia Health’s apps-based approach to Electronic Health Records puts users in control of their technology where users can re-arrange the apps to design an interface that fits their workflow. Depending on daily or current activity, the user interface quickly adapts to remove clutter by eliminating any unnecessary cognitive load. Users no longer need to waste time asking themselves, “Where do I need to click next?”

By familiarizing user interface patterns, personalized apps increase user efficiency creating an easy to learn software which cuts down the days in training. The adaptive Auto Suggest capability uses algorithms to predict a user’s next input and then displays suggestions. Additionally, the Automatic list building function removes the need to maintain a favorites list (diagnoses, procedures and medications). Users do not have to face endless drop-down lists and check boxes. There’s no need to be a “click monster!”

Patagonia Health collaborates with users to build new apps and improve the usability aspects of these apps. Healthcare organizations invest in an EHR solution for the long term, and apps are an excellent way to manage a flexible and agile infrastructure that can change to meet your needs over time. Patagonia Health is rapidly innovating and helping to transform healthcare via cutting-edge apps.

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