User-Centered Design Creates an Optimized Version of a Standard Public Health EHR

We all know that Public Health requirements are very different than other healthcare agencies (such as hospitals) and not all EHR platforms are built for Public Health needs.  What we don’t always talk about is how different public health departments can be in size, in the services they provide, the funding they have available, and the state requirements they must adhere to.  So, here at Patagonia Health, we have built the main part of the “house” and we let our users add their needed amenities.  We do this through a process we call user-centered design. This process has three phases as depicted below (click image to enlarge)Mutual successes through client-vendor collaborations have expanded the offerings now available through Patagonia Health EHR.  Below is a short list of specific examples of Apps we developed because one of our public health clients asked us to!

  • TB App
  • Immunization Inventory App with bar coding
  • Children’s Special Services
  • Home Health
  • HIV Case Management
  • HIV Testing App
  • FQHC functionality and UDS Reporting
  • FPAR Reporting
  • State-specific Reporting

For more information about how you too can benefit from Patagonia Health EHR and specialty apps, contact us at or by phone at 919.238.4780.  Thank you!