An EHR Designed for Behavioral Health

Patagonia Health’s ONC-certified Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) system allows agencies to organize client records and improve workflows for behavioral health, mental health, substance use disorder, psychosocial rehabilitation and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) services. Our Behavioral Health EHR enables electronic charting for:

  • clinical assessments
  • outpatient services
  • case management
  • residential services

Additionally, clinical documentation is streamlined by using templates that are customized for your agency. Billing is integrated with the practice management system, allowing you to be paid quicker with less denials.

Finally, Behavioral Health EHR apps can be integrated with the public health and primary care apps to provide integrated care for your clients.

Behavioral Health EHR Features

The following apps have been designed after extensive collaboration with behavioral health organizations:
  • Clinical Assessments and Treatment Plans

    These include interactive comprehensive clinical assessments based on Managed Care Organization (MCO) guidelines, diagnostic assessments, treatment plans and person-centered plans that can be reviewed and updated. It also incorporates the capability to capture staff and client signatures to meet MCO requirements. Progress of client goals can be tracked and plotted for the entire treatment period. All of these forms interact with one another to avoid duplicate data entry. They can also be reviewed and approved by multiple users.

  • Daily and Weekly Progress Notes

    These notes can be used to complete visit documentation of various services, such as Intensive In-Home, Community Support Team, Case Managements, Day Treatment, Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) and Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Providers can manage their task list, track and share progress, notes and service units, and set goals at each visit.

  • Shift Notes

    Complete residential services documentation with the Shift Notes App. Automatic checks offer warnings and alerts for overlapping time and a complete 24 hour shift period. Notes are sent to billing once they’re approved. It’s also easy to print multiple notes.

  • Group Notes

    Providers can create group therapy notes with the ability to enter individualized details for each group member on one screen.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation Scales

    With Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health EHR software, various psychiatric evaluations (for the Beck Depression Scale, Mini Mental Status Scale, ADHD Scale, etc.) are available. The system auto-calculates scores so providers can track and plot them over time.

  • Billing

    Our comprehensive billing solution allows behavioral health agencies to increase cashflow by billing to and receiving reimbursements from Medicaid. It also includes electronic 837P claims filing and 835 auto posting for a number of MCOs. It handles the various nuances of MCO billing, creates secondary claims for step-down billing and allows for bulk patient statement creation.

  • Service Tracking

    This feature enrolls and tracks clients in multiple services, and then assigns staff members to each service for case load tracking.

  • Authorization Tracking

    With real-time status updates on authorizations, providers can track requests, approvals and denials, and access expiration alerts. Authorizations are updated in the system as services are provided. This also gives providers an actual count of remaining authorizations at any time.

  • Behavioral Health Reports

    Reports can be sorted by staff, service and date, which allows for tracking staff case load reports and utilization reports by staff, client and service. Reports can also be created by goal progress, treatment plan and appointments.

  • Other Features

    Patagonia Health has a comprehensive set of features. These include a gold-certified electronic prescription solution, support of in-house labs, HL 7 interface to external labs, in-house pharmacy management (with built in inventory management) and immunization management (including bar code scanning and inventory management).

  • Cloud Based

    You don’t need to install expensive on-site servers, since Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health EHR is cloud-based. Therefore, you won’t have to manage the associated IT headaches that follow server management. All you need is internet connection and computers or laptops. You can access the system from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it’s secure as it meets strict federal Meaningful Use privacy and security requirements.

  • Award-Winning Customer Service and Support

    With Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health EHR solutions you receive top of the line service and support from a team trained and knowledgeable in everything from standard problem solving to registration and attestation for Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs and annual grant reporting. Our team of specialists can guide you through complex processes. We’ll teach you tips and tricks for making your team well-organized and efficient.

Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health EHR Apps

You can choose which apps you need to manage your workflow and take your organization to the next level. All of our apps work together for one integrated solution.

Behavioral Health EHR Features with Patagonia Health