Weaving Together Your Client’s Treatment Journey

The Golden Thread weaves together your client’s clinical information, diagnostic assessment, individualized treatment plan, progress notes, billing, and reporting. It aligns clinical documentation throughout the care continuum, allowing you to provide a complete record of your client’s care that is ready for reimbursement. When the Golden Thread seamlessly connects your workflow, you have more time to focus on treating your client and less time spent on paperwork.

Diagnostic Assessment: Describe the presenting problems and strengths, diagnosis and specific functional impairments, as well as demographics, family and social histories, screening assessments (such as Beck’s Depression and PHQ-9), clinical problem and diagnosis, and prescriptions.

Progress Notes: Document specific, measurable improvements and needs showing that the services delivered correspond to the prescribed treatment plan.

Key Benefits

  • Enter the data one time – no split screen, duplicate data entry, or copy and paste needed
  • Auto-populate demographics, existing problems, goals, and interactions, and create new treatment plans with existing client data
  • Identify the provided service, client response to interventions, collaborative documentation, and meet compliance requirements
  • Demographics and visit data flows directly into billing & reporting, with embedded clearinghouse and unlimited insurance verification, claims submissions, and ERAs

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