A Solution for Simplifying Mass Vaccination Events

Mass Vaccination events can be logistically challenging. If your public health department is paper-based, your staff may have days (or even weeks) of manual data entry, not to mention the associated billing challenges. 

Patagonia Health’s Mass Vaccination App assists health departments with the logistics and administration of vaccinating a large number of patients. Patients can schedule their own appointments by utilizing our patient self-registration and self-scheduling feature to receive a vaccination. Your staff can view the information added by the patient, update demographics, link the chart, and vaccinate patients quickly. Additionally, users can match their data with an existing EHR patient chart. This eliminates some manual data entry post-event, so that staff can focus on patient care.  

Key Benefits:

  • Allow patients to self-register and schedule
  • View information added by the patient, update demographics, and link the chart
  • Organize information by event location, current and future appointment requests, and existing patients 
  • Connect and upload to state systems (as your state allows)
  • Connect at off-site clinics
  • Protect patient privacy with ONC Promoting Interoperability and HIPAA/HITRUST compliance

Interested in Learning More?

Let us know a little about you, and one of our team members will reach out to discuss how Patagonia Health’s Mass Vaccination App can help your Public Health department.