Embedded EHR Reporting and Overview Analytics for Entire Departments

The Management Dashboard provides health organizations with analytics and graphs on any device (computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet), anytime and anywhere. Health directors can share this with colleagues, stakeholders, county commissioners, or boards of health in meetings or on-the-go on their smartphones. Health organizations can benefit from productivity tracking and outcome measurement reporting to assist in business decisions and quality of care.

“Management Dashboard tracking is really great for new healthcare access points, like the percentage of people who are self-pay vs. insurance paid – it’s all in the Dashboard. County commissioner’s end-of-year report summarizes easily. I trust it much more than [our] old system.”

Scott Lenhart, Health Director
NC County Health Department

Key Benefits:

  • Show key performance parameters, like financial, appointment, and clinical data, through detailed graphical information
  • Configure queries that graph and display performance by program, provider, and pay source
  • Monitor many metrics at once, like no-show rates by program or provider, as well as screening tool scoring 
  • Pull data directly from the EHR and create additional queries as needed
  • Share graphs via email, print, or export into excel, that can be scheduled to send at specific times

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