For Patient Stay Planning and Bed Resource Allocation

Keeping track of available beds for residential facilities can get overwhelming. Patagonia Health’s Bed Management App is designed to help behavioral health providers and staff manage day or overnight facilities. Clients added to the Bed Management APP are assigned to a facility, an assigned bed (or waiting list), and have a status, such as present, discharged, AWOL, or jail.

Manage Resources – At any time, see which beds are available, view client status, and assess the waiting list.

Verify Attendance – On a daily basis, services are documented by taking attendance to verify a client is actually present.

Bill Accurately – Charges accumulated (monthly, weekly, etc.) can be sent to our integrated billing solution for claims processing linked to the attendance tracking. Full reporting is included.

Key Benefits

  • Track bed availability and waiting list assignments 
  • Assign each client to a bed in a facility
  • Collect actual client attendance, status of all patients assigned to beds, and report bed usage
  • Check-in with a daily calendar that auto-creates daily rate billing based on attendance

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