For Reminders and Recalls via Email, Voice, or Text

The Appointment Reminders functionality facilitates HIPAA-compliant patient appointment reminders and recalls, scheduled with just one push of a button. This reduces the need for manual calls to be made to the patient.

Patient Reminders: Administrators can create the message (in English or Spanish) via email, voicemail, or text message. They can also choose the frequency of the message, up to 3 reminders per appointment. Administrators can add tokens to the message for patients to either confirm or cancel the appointment. The end-user only has to select one button when scheduling an appointment, as the solution does the rest!

Patient Recalls: Automate patient outreach and increase patient engagement with our patient recalls feature. Simply set the constraints, configure a message, then send to all patients who meet the criteria. The message is sent with just one push of a button. This feature is ideal for health organizations needing to know who received a particular treatment and needs to be recalled for follow-up care.

“I would say that Patagonia Health helps our clients because it helps us do our jobs quicker. They don’t have to wait as long to be anxious about waiting for us to call them and let them know everything is confirmed.”

Nicolas Sasser, Carroll County Health Department

Key Benefits

  • Saves staff effort
  • Reduces the number of no-shows
  • Improves organization’s image 
  • Sends reminder messages via HIPAA-compliant text, email, or phone with Confirm or Canceled response options
  • Provides interactive and mobile-ready communications with patients
  • Messages in English or Spanish

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