Integrated immunization workflow engine

As part of a core set of services, local health departments administer so many immunizations that patient flow can easily get very backed up. Patagonia Health’s Immunization App dramatically speeds up the patient intake process and reduces the data entry efforts required by nurses. Optional inventory management and bar code scanning software provide further automation.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick, easy entry of patient-provided immunization records (e.g. from school, physicians or foreign countries speeds up patient intake process, and quick family registration.
  • Easy-to-use screens cut down data entry time for nurses.
  • Web-based solution makes it easy for off-site clinics; access it from anywhere, anytime.
  • Built-in sliding fee scale links to appropriate billing.

Optional Features & Benefits

  • Automate immunization inventory tracking. Immunization inventory management software automatically keeps track of vaccine inventory. Track inventory by funding source (e.g. VFC, 317 or private) and clinic sites. Simply scan incoming vaccines for easy inventory intake.
  • Bar code scanner software makes dispensing easy; simply scan vaccine and save nurses time. Eliminate cumbersome task of reading small print on vaccines.
  • Connect to state immunization registry to sync with state immunization records.