Posted By Monique Dever On March 1, 2018

Switching from Legacy to Cloud Based EHR

As many health agencies are facing the necessary change from a legacy EHR to a modern technology EHR, there are a few things you should know. Cloud and web based EHRs are simpler and cost effective as they eliminate the need for planning, installation and ongoing maintenance of expensive servers, software licenses, etc. More importantly, modern cloud-based EHRs work out of the box avoiding the need for you to build your own clinical templates.

Reasons – Benefits – Outcomes

Watch the video to learn the many reasons, benefits, and outcomes achieved after health departments implement Patagonia Health Cloud-based EHR
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Legacy vs. Cloud-based
The best part of the transition to a cloud-based system will be no more DIY for your IT staff! You don’t have to build your own tables, reports or custom fields in your EHR: that takes its toll on your resources! DHHS recommends healthcare providers migrate from legacy EHR to more secure cloud environments.

Access to data
You do not need to keep paying for services from your legacy system once you turn on the new cloud-based EHR. You don’t even need to maintain a service/support contract with your previous vendor. All the data is on your servers – you own it! Once the patient data is migrated into and tested with the new EHR you can immediately cancel your service with the old.

You don’t have to keep throwing good money after bad! For many large, mid-sized or smaller agencies, pricing will vary dramatically. Make sure your vendor, new or current, doesn’t nickel and dime your budget into the negative when it doesn’t have to do so.

A cloud-based, end-to end practice management, EHR and billing software can alleviate the burden of DIY requirements and the need to have an in-house SQL expert, and will reduce departmental expenses while improving clinic efficiency. Do your homework.

Switch from a Legacy EHR to cloud-based system and watch the beneficial impact it can have on your agency! Contact Patagonia Health to see how we can help.

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