EHI Export

The capability of EHI export within Patagonia EMR is based on role based access to EHI export reporting and billing role. Users with access to EHI export permission will have the ability to execute an EHI export for clinical data. Billing User role will help user the ability to extract patient financial export and claims data export.

Enabling Access to EHI Export

A Practice Administrator can enable access roles for specific users under:

Practice Administration > Staff Management > Edit Selected User >  EHI Export & Schedule Data Export.

After you select a User, click Edit Selected User

Select EHI Export

Single Patient EHI Export

Data export is available in the EHR’s Reports section.

Reports > Medical Practice Reports > Select Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export

All practice providers are covered. However, individual providers can be selected. Blank date ranges will cover the entire span of patient encounters. Specific date ranges can also be entered. 

Enter a specific patient name for EHI export. Click Search.

Select the Patient Record and click EHI Export. When the export file is generated, it can be downloaded to your local system. The format of the clinical data is CCDA 2.1 Release 2 USCDI v1.

To extract the billing data associated with the patient, go to Dashboard > Billing > Search > Claims.

Claim data can then be downloaded in CSV or  XLSX formats for computation.

Multi-Patient EHI Export

Data export is available in the EHR’s Reports page.

Reports > Medical Practice Reports > Select    Electronic Health Information (EHI) ExportClick the Multi Patients button in the Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export Report

Click Start task on and set an appropriate date and time for the Export task to execute and click Save

Exporting all patients may take some time. The export Status will be updated from Queued to Completed when the task is finished.

To extract the billing data for patients, go to Dashboard > Billing > Reports > Claim > Detail.

Set fields Claim Receive Date, Claim Service Date and Claim Submitted Date to All.

Run report. Export data in CSV or XLSX formats for computation.

Exported File Formats

Clinical data is exported as CCDA 2.1 Release 2 USCDI v1.

Billing data is exported as CSV, XLSX or PDF.