Patagonia Health pricing is simple.

Patagonia Health

  • Works out of the box. The system is pre-configured, thereby avoiding the need for any extra effort from customers’ IT teams. Your IT teams, clinicians and staff members do not need to spend countless hours building forms, entering and managing code, etc. We do all that for you—you just use the system.
  • Patagonia Health EHR fully complies with all aspects of ONC HIT Certification requirements.
  • Transparent pricing. There is no “nickle and diming” involved.
  • Is compliant with state and federal billing requirements.
  • Includes Patagonia Health Workshops and User Focus Groups. These numerous free sessions offer an opportunity to share expertise and learn advanced tips and best practices.

In order to complete certification, there may be additional costs. For complete details, please review our product information for 2014 Edition and 2015 Edition.