Group Notes for Behavioral Health EHR

Streamlined Note Creation for Group Sessions

When treating patients in a group setting, creating notes for the session for each individual creates hours of additional paperwork for counselors and providers. Once a group note was documented for group therapy sessions, it had to be rewritten for each individual in attendance. With Patagonia Heath Behavioral Health EHR solutions, providers can create group  notes for joint therapy sessions with the ability to enter individualized details for each group member on one screen. This streamlined and one-screen process saves provider time and effort.



  • Easily create a group note that auto populates group session content across all attendee charts, eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Track patient attendance for required group sessions
  • Automatically create bills only for patients who attend each session.
  • Generate reports for group therapy sessions, clinical productivity, and authorizations.
  • Transportation Tracking: Get a quick view of off site pick-up and drop off times and locations for group therapy patients.
  • Documentation Time Tracking: See the amount of time spent by each clinician for clinical documentation and note creation.


Key Benefits

  • Improve clinician efficiency
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Improve billing staff efficiency
  • Track client attendance
  • Easy-to-access accurate and timely reports