Time and Effort Tracking

An integrated solution for tracking
and reporting staff activity


Time and Effort Tracking App

Integrating Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

Patagonia Health’s Time and Effort Tracking App is an integrated time card solution for tracking and reporting activities of staff, clinics and your organization. It enables administrators to view and manage time spent, and report a breakdown of activities by staff or program in real time for compliance with federal and state requirements.

  • Maintains users time spent on different tasks throughout the day
  • Supervisors can view live reports of time spent
  • Time cards can be edited at any time by the user or administrator
  • Task lists are editable by users
  • Includes three methods to manage time cards:
  • Clocking in and out of each activity throughout the day
  • Manually enter at the end of the day or week
  • Using predefined templates set up by administrators (e.g. billing vs specific services/programs)
  • Reports can be filtered by time/date range, for individual users or groups, or by program/task.


  • Easily manage and track time spent
  • Robust reporting options
  • Predefined easy-to-use templates reduces manual entry
  • Multiple editing options to meet various work flows
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant
  • Improve clinical efficiency

Want to know more?

Let us know a little about you, and one of our team members will reach out to discuss how Patagonia Health’s Time and Effort Tracking App can help your organization.