To sign up for Patagonia Health’s Telehealth App, please read the Pricing, Terms and Conditions and complete the form below.

For any questions about the Telehealth App Terms and Conditions, please contact and include “Telehealth” in the subject line.

Telehealth App Pricing, Terms and Conditions


The Telehealth App allows a user to schedule and initiate a telehealth session with a patient. Once a Telehealth appointment is scheduled, either a text or email message with a video session link can be sent to the patient via the Communicator App. Currently, only one-to-one sessions (between a provider and a patient)  are supported. However, we are developing group telehealth features. 


Pricing for the Telehealth App is as follows:

Initial Set Up and Training: 
Initial Set Up and Training Fee is $500. Training will be via remote group webinar and as scheduled. Webinars will be recorded and made available for users who join later or miss initial training. 

Monthly Fee:
$30/month/block of video hours. Each block allows for a total of 176 video hours/month, which amounts to 88 one-hour sessions. For example, two participants (provider + patient) for 4 hours/day for 22 days/month (i.e. 2*4*22 video sessions = 176 hours).

Video time used is measured in minutes. 

Other Terms:

Patagonia Health reserves the right to develop additional capabilities (than offered base package) at additional price.

If the number of video hours used exceeds the amount purchased, you will be charged for the overage in blocks of $30.00 bundles to cover the amount used.

Add On Agreement:
If you purchase this feature, Patagonia Health will provide an Add On Sales Agreement (for approval) within a month of request to purchase.

All other areas of your current Sales Agreement remain unchanged, including Payment Schedule, Terms and Conditions.

System Requirements:
This feature requires use of the Communicator App (sold separately). The Communicator App is used to send email, text, and/or voicemail appointment reminders. Click here to see how to determine if the Communicator App is active on your system.

By submitting the form, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Pricing, Terms and Conditions.