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Four steps to do more with less for Family Planning Services

Family Planning

As the future of the Affordable Care Act and budgets for social services loom in the balance, it is more important than ever for clinics and health centers depending on federal funds or grant money to stretch their dollars as much as possible. Title X and Family Planning have been the most tenuous of grant-funded […]

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What’s in your Family Planning Annual Report? (FPAR)

For many Local Health Departments (LHD) and Community Health Centers including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), there are nearly innumerable reports that must be filed on an annual basis for grant funding, special designations, or to attest for Meaningful Use to receive incentive money. Often these reports can be time consuming and burdensome on clinic […]

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Enhancing Revenue for Family Planning Clinics

With the worries of a major loss of Title X funding across the nation, Family Planning clinics need to be cautious about spending and streamlining all efforts in order to keep costs minimal. Family planning services are provided by a variety of agencies including local health departments, community health centers (CHC), and federally qualified Health […]

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Electronic Health Records: What works for Title X EHR?

Making the shift to Electronic Health Records (EHR), has vast benefits for both providers as well as patients. However, as with any new process, the transition is often wrought with trial and error, and finding things out the hard way, whether it be a Title X agency or any other type of health care center. […]

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