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How EHRs Help Public Health Win the War Against TB

TB EHR treatment

Your public health department is most likely very aware of Tuberculosis, or TB. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 1.6 million people died from TB in 2021 alone. They estimate one-fourth of the world’s population is thought to have the causative agent of TB (mycobacterium tuberculosis) and are at risk of […]

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Thanks to Wilkes County Health Department, Many Public Health Departments Reap the Benefits of Patagonia Health’s TB App

Patagonia Health collaborates with its customers to develop innovative advanced apps to add specific functionality needed by Public Health Departments. This is widely known among our customers who have been the recipients of these beneficial platforms, such as the robust TB App developed in collaboration with 20+ health departments including Wilkes County Health Department and […]

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The Public Health Battle against TB Continues

TB test results

In our blog “Can Electronic Health Records help Public Health win the war against TB?” we talked about how EHRs can help fight the battle against TB.  Well, the federal government is taking a stronger stance on it as well!  Recently, the white house issued a National Action Plan for Combating Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.  This […]

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