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Tips to Support Employee Mental Health

support employee mental health

A huge trend in workplace management has become to find ways to support employee mental health while on the job. Healthcare workers’ mental health has taken quite a toll since the COVID 19 pandemic took the world by storm almost 2 full years ago. They’ve been overworked and sometimes underappreciated, which leads to burnout. It’s […]

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Employee Retention Strategies in Healthcare

Employee retention strategies in healthcare

Employee retention strategies in healthcare are critically important. Healthcare organizations across the nation have seen high employee turnover rates for years. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the exodus of healthcare workers from the field. Formalize and implement a plan with employee retention strategies in your healthcare agency. Below are some effective strategies that, when […]

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How to Train New Employees in your EHR when you‘re Busy

Train New Employees in your EHR

How can you train new employees in your EHR when you are already short staffed, busy, and trying to keep up? COVID-10 has exacerbated turnover in the healthcare industry. Remaining staff have little time to dedicate to training new staff members. There are several training strategies you can use. With a plan in place, you […]

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Alleviate Staffing Shortages with an EHR and Patient Self Services

alleviate staffing shortages with patient self services

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, health clinics were experiencing staffing issues and healthcare workforce understaffing has only been exacerbated now due to the virus. Because of COVID-19 we have encountered loss of life, staff burnout and unprecedented turnover rates. More patients are returning in-person to clinics yet the staffing has not improved. With variants of […]

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Dealing with Change: Managing the Uncertainty in Healthcare

Community Health EHR

    Regardless of the size of your public health department, community health center, or practice, dealing with changes in regulations or workflow in your clinic can make any average staff member nervous. But change is both important and necessary. It ensures your practice remaining compliant to state and federal regulations and improving patient care […]

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