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Using EHR Data to Improve Population Health

EHR data Population Health

Without data, managing the health of the communities would be near impossible for local health departments.  It also is, of course, an obvious fact that electronic health records are a key source of health data and can provide some greatly needed elements for analysis of population health.   By combining EHR data with a visualization […]

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Ebola on our minds

Because we are involved in the Public Health sector (and interested), it is hard not to follow the Ebola epidemic. Every news station aired has one story or another about new cases and reactions of the communities; the thousands affected in West Africa, and at least 17 travelers from other countries, including the United States. […]

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Are fist-bumps the new handshake for public health?

fist-bump to prevent transfer of infectious disease

  How local health departments can have fun reducing the spread of infections! The handshake, thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace, is on its way out. This ancient form of greeting has been practiced as far back as the 5th century BC. So why is there a push to ban […]

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