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Staff Moves: Increasing Security and Protecting Patient Data

security protecting patient data

With news of cyberattacks on the rise, healthcare agencies can do a lot towards increasing security and protecting patient data. Shopping for a secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution is one step. Your agency can also support your team through training, policies and a comprehensive security program. It should be stressed to all staff members […]

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Patagonia Health to Roll out New Patient ID Scanner

patient ID scanner

Patagonia Health is getting set to roll out a new Patient ID Scanner as part of its continual effort to simplify processes and improve customers’ workflow.  The scanner reads a patient’s driver’s license or medical insurance cards, including dual sided and laminated or embossed cards.   This built-in optional feature streamlines the check-in process and […]

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The benefits of an EHR from the patient’s perspective

Information is power. In this world, we are now used to having access to all our information on tip of our fingers. We have access to our financial information updated frequently. By knowing our finances, we can plan our expenses much more effectively. Similarly, with the federal mandate for adoption of Electronic Health Record, consumers […]

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How can EHR photo IDs help local health departments uniquely identify patients?

How can EHR photos help local health departments uniquely identify patients?

Many public health departments have unique patient populations, which can increase difficulties in properly identifying their patients. In an ever changing world, local health departments are seeing patients from different parts of the world including Latin America, Burma, and Cambodia etc. Spellings can be confusing. To complicate patient check-in process, some patients use first name […]

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Are local health departments ready to share medical information via patient portal?

As part of federal meaningful use, clinics are required to communicate with patients via a Patient portal. Engaging patients in their healthcare and sharing medical information via a patient portal is expected to improve outcomes. By logging into a web-based patient portal, patients can view select information such as allergies, medication list, problems list, and […]

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