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Can public health departments do more with less?

Because we are on the edge of a crisis with the Ebola virus, people are finally noticing Public Health. When Public Health is doing their job, nobody even notices them. But when grave errors are made, the general public and the media is quick to criticize. But who is at fault here? Are the health […]

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Can 7-Eleven help improve public health?

  Step-up to promote healthy choices and improve public health awareness.   In a previous blog I answered the question “What is Public Health?” In a nut shell, public health departments provide quality clinical services, provide safe environments, educate their communities and increase awareness. This is a huge undertaking for anyone. Fortunately, the community and […]

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7+1 bonus steps for EHR selection for local health departments

With the federal mandate of using an Electronic Health Record (EHR), local health departments are diving in selecting an appropriate EHR. The fact that local health departments are way behind with EHR adoption compared to other medical practices, the situation is more urgent. Only 22% of local health departments have some sort of an EHR […]

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When it comes to EHR adoption, where does public health rank?

When it comes to the adoption of EHR software, the answer to the question “Who’s making the switch?” might surprise you—or not.   Of course, more and more providers are implementing EHRs today—78 percent of office-based physicians used some type of EHR system in 2013, up from 18 percent in 2001—but who has been the […]

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Pestronk encourages local health department leaders

Robert Pestronk encourages local health department leaders to “learn new vocabularies and learn the language of business, foundations and communities”.   Blog Posted: August 12, 2014 Interview the Experts Series: Robert Pestronk Executive Director, The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO).   Our most recent expert interview is with Robert Pestronk who […]

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