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The Cures Act: How EHRs Play a Part

the cures act and ehrs

The Cures Act went into effect in April 2021, and it is meant to bar all healthcare providers and clinics from blocking a patient from being presented their patient data upon request. However, some people have misinterpreted what that legislation actually means. A common misconception is that this means that a patient’s data/chart should be […]

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The benefits of an EHR from the patient’s perspective

Information is power. In this world, we are now used to having access to all our information on tip of our fingers. We have access to our financial information updated frequently. By knowing our finances, we can plan our expenses much more effectively. Similarly, with the federal mandate for adoption of Electronic Health Record, consumers […]

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Sure, price is important when buying an EHR.

What is the next most important thing for a Local Health Department? You may be surprised.   Local health departments across the nation have seen their budgets reduce year over year while expenses continue to rise. However, we all know Electronic Health Record (EHR) software will bring needed efficiencies while complying with federal EHR meaningful […]

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Medical Record Errors: They’re more likely than you think.

What can we learn from Wikipedia?   “Look in your medical record, odds are you’ll find a mistake” is the headline of the article written by Laura Landro, assistant managing editor for the Wall Street Journal. This is an extremely relevant issue that affects both patients and healthcare providers. In fact, Landro states:   “Studies […]

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What is the Difference Between EMR and EHR

The terms “Electronic Medical Records” (EMR) and “Electronic Health Records” (EHR) are so often used interchangeably and also incorrectly. There are some important distinctions between the two, especially in Public Health settings! Let us simplify it for you. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), simply put, are just the digital version of the traditional paper charts in […]

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