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Major Healthcare Regulations for 2022

Major Healthcare regulations for 2022

As we shift into a new year, major healthcare regulations for 2022 are as well. Standards and practices for Public and Behavioral Health are being modified to keep up with technologies. These are the major healthcare regulations for 2022 that should be monitored by healthcare providers. Lawmakers have continued plans for policy in each of […]

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Trend of Health Information Exchanges Merging and Linking

health information exchanges trend

There is a trend of Health Information Exchanges merging and linking across the US, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are set up to be places where medical providers can share patient data for easy medical record exchanges with other providers that are also participating with their HIE. HIEs are typically […]

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Patagonia Health Hires Clark McKenna as New Strategic Account Executive

Patagonia Health Hires Clark McKenna

Patagonia Health, Inc., a leading supplier of Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions to the Public Health, Behavioral Health and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) markets, recently expanded its sales team by adding a Strategic Account Executive.  Clark McKenna joins the team bringing a broad range of experience to this new position at Patagonia Health, including […]

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Combat Digital Burnout with these 3 EHR Solutions

Digital burnout is a growing problem. Societally, we have become reliant on technologies to stay connected and complete our work. These technologies can help but they can also lead to fatigue and information overload. Clinicians encounter stress when their online administrative tasks and messaging distract from patient care. And it’s not just physicians and nurses […]

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Why Health Information Exchange is Important for EHR Use

Health Information Exchange is Important for EHR Use

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are an integral part of today’s healthcare system. Despite initial hesitation to switch to an EHR, an overwhelming majority of organizations that have made the change cannot imagine going back to paper. EHRs improve efficiency and increase reimbursements while improving patient care. As providers become more fluent with the technology, EHRs […]

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