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Inside Behavioral Health: Behavioral Health Terms You Should Know Part 1

Behavioral Health Terms and Definitions

In the world of mental and behavioral health services, there are many terms that get used. Sometimes there is confusion around those words and how they are used. While this list is by no means comprehensive, it covers some behavioral health terms that can be confusing to both consumers and providers. In addition, because there […]

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Mental Health Awareness for more than a Month

Ongoing Mental Health Awareness

May just came to a close, which means Mental Health Awareness Month is also ending. But that doesn’t mean the communication should stop. Or even slow down, for that matter. Mental Health Awareness month has been observed in May since 1949. It’s outreach has touched millions of people through media, local events and screenings. Mental […]

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Inside Behavioral Health: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Did you know suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States? Suicide is complicated. Tragic. But most of all, it’s often preventable. A critical starting point is suicide awareness. Knowing the warning signs, methods for prevention and where to go for help or resources. Additionally, it is crucial any suicidal talk […]

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Inside Behavioral Health: 8 Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Inside Behavioral Health 8 Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Mental disorders are common and widespread. You might be surprised to know an estimated 54 million Americans suffer from mental illness in any given year. 1 What is mental illness? A mental illness is a disease causing disturbances in thought and/or behavior. This results in a person’s inability to cope with life’s typical demands and routines. […]

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