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Patagonia Health Connects to Multiple State-Run Immunization Registries

Connecting to multiple state run IRs

Patagonia Health has connected to multiple state-run Immunization Registries (IRs) nationwide. We have connected to as many as 24 of these state registries across the United States, with over 130 current clients, and more connections pending in those states. We started connecting to these state-run Immunization Registries via our Immunization App after our customers began […]

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What is an Immunization Registry and How Does your Healthcare Organization Benefit?

Immunization Registry

With the advancement of healthcare technology and electronic health records (EHR) through the Meaningful Use mandates, connectivity and information sharing has become increasingly available as healthcare turns to preventative care and care coordination. In fact, all immunizations given are required by all medical clinics to be recorded in the state immunization registry. If you are […]

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EHRs Can Improve Efficiency of High Volume Immunizations

High Vol Immunizations

Immunizations are an important service offering of Public Health Departments and Community Health Centers, including FQHCs.  The flu vaccine for this season alone, for example, will be somewhere between 171 and 179 million doses for the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  This makes the administration of immunizations and inventory […]

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