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Enhancing Revenue for Family Planning Clinics

With the worries of a major loss of Title X funding across the nation, Family Planning clinics need to be cautious about spending and streamlining all efforts in order to keep costs minimal. Family planning services are provided by a variety of agencies including local health departments, community health centers (CHC), and federally qualified Health […]

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Patagonia Health Carries Customers Safely Across the ICD-10 Threshold

Cary, NC – October 30, 2015 Patagonia Health, an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software company located in Cary, NC, strategically and methodically mapped out a successful plan, which helped their customers successfully cross over from ICD-9 to ICD-10. “ICD-10 was a huge change for everyone and we knew creating an easy crosswalk was crucial for […]

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Patagonia Health Offers Free Webinar Series for EHR and ICD-10 Readiness

Free Webinar Series for Public Health Attend any of our complementary webinar series for local health departments. It is free and easy to attend, takes 45 minutes or less. These webinars are repeated, so choose the dates that work best for you. Register for one or all webinars of interest.  Feel free to pass along […]

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Do you have a Smart EHR? Find out Now

Smart EHR

Remember flip phones? OK, I know some people who still use them, but today most people would be lost without a smart phone. They want to be able to access real-time data any time and anywhere. They want to easily communicate and stay connected. They want personal apps at their fingertips. So imagine an intuitive […]

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