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Four Ways to Exchange Data with Community Providers

Four Ways to Exchange Data with Community Providers: Understand Your Specific Clinic’s Needs to Find the Right Alternative Over the past several years, and with a push from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) meaningful use Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentives program, there has been an increase in adoption of EHRs. While use […]

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The benefits of an EHR from the patient’s perspective

Information is power. In this world, we are now used to having access to all our information on tip of our fingers. We have access to our financial information updated frequently. By knowing our finances, we can plan our expenses much more effectively. Similarly, with the federal mandate for adoption of Electronic Health Record, consumers […]

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What is Health Information Exchange and Why is it Important for EHR use?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become a very important and integral part of the healthcare system. Despite the initial hesitation to switch to the EHR, overwhelming majority of organizations which have switched to EHR cannot imagine going back to paper. EHRs improve efficiency and increase reimbursements while improving patient care. As providers become more fluent […]

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Connecting to Health Information Exchange (HIE) via EHR – how it helps syndromic surveillance for public health

Once all community EHRs are connected via Health Information Exchange (HIE) it will be powerful for public health departments to see real-time disease spreading statewide via syndromic surveillance and GIS mapping.   Concentrating on local community concerns, public health departments strategize on policies and tactics used to protect and improve the health of their community. […]

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