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Patagonia Health Supports Centers Receiving HRSA SUD-MH Services Funding

Behavioral Health EHR Supporting HRSA SUD-MH Funding

Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is designed specifically to meet the needs of community health centers providing substance abuse disorder and mental health services. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has recently made funding available for community health centers with the 2018 Expanding Access to Quality SUD-MH Services Funding opportunity. […]

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8 Common HIPAA Breaches to Avoid and What to Look for in Your EHR

hipaa breaches

All across the country Public Health Departments and Community Health Centers including FQHCs experience many forms of HIPAA breaches and violations.  Often, these breaches are unintended but not always.  So, understanding where employees fall short can help your staff prevent many common breaches.   Some of the most common breaches to be aware of are: […]

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Check your Tables: Common UDS Reporting Mistakes

For HRSA Funded Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Look-Alikes (FQHC-LA) who received their grants before October 2016, it is time to start filing your annual Uniform Data System (UDS) reports for the 2016 service year. The first due date for UDS is February 15, 2017 (although they are sometimes flexible with this date) and […]

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Three Steps to Make the Most of EHR Vendor Demos

apple to apple comparison

Vendor demos are the tipping point in the selection process of finding a new Electronic Health Records system.  Being prepared will help make the most of this process and make the decision clear.  Comparing apples to apples will de-clutter the facts, and prevent the sales guy from selling the system based on one aspect alone. […]

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