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Without a certified EHR, clinics are missing out on benefits of eRX

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Electronic prescriptions (eRX) are on the rise. Today more than 77% of all prescriptions are digital.  According to HealthcareIT News, Surescripts network connected more than one million healthcare professionals and provided access to information on more than 240 million patients.  The network now conducts more transactions daily than Amazon or Uber, according to Surescripts’ CEO, […]

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Overcome the Unexpected Challenges of EHR Implementation

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When adopting a new electronic health records (EHR) or any new technology, there are always challenges.  The challenge of learning how to use it well during the EHR implementation in order to fully maximize its benefits, and the challenge of reorganizing processes and upgrading equipment to accommodate abrupt changes.  These obstacles are to be expected.  […]

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What will the role of state and local health departments be in 2020? Chief Public Health Strategist?

State and local health departments are facing growing challenges, including infectious disease threats such as Ebola; a rising burden of chronic illness and an increasingly diverse population. At the same time, fiscal constraints accompanying the 2007–2008 recession and its aftermath hammered local, state, and territorial health agencies, which lost nearly 30,000 jobs—6 percent to 12 […]

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