6 Ways to Optimize Your EHR

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6 Ways to Optimize Your EHR

optimize for EHR success with your EHR vendor

Whether you are moving from paper, a hybrid system or an existing EHR, now is the time to think about how to optimize your EHR. It’s not an easy task. It has a lot of moving parts. But, putting this effort in before you search for an EHR vendor and implement a system is key to your success.

1. Make it a Collaborative Effort

EHR optimization is a collaborative effort. All of your key stakeholders should be involved. This includes personnel from billing, program management, practice administration and clinical. However, don’t forget to include your EHR vendor in this list. They will help you work through this process and help provide insight and best practices.

2. Re-imagine your Operations

Begin by re-imagining your day-to-day operations with technology in mind. For instance, if you used to pull and file charts, how would you do that differently with electronic files? What are your patient-centric activities? Then, think about how these activities can be streamlined so you can provide more effective patient care. This is where you begin developing your workflows. Believe it or not, your EHR can be optimized to follow your organization’s processes.

3. Go beyond the Basics with Documentation

Go beyond the basics. What works and what doesn’t work for your organization? What information do you need for every client? Are there things that can be templatized to make your process more streamlined? Do you need check boxes or free text? Also, think about how your current documentation processes can be improved and work those changes into how your EHR functions.

4. Really Think about your EHR Workflow

Just because you’ve always done it a certain way doesn’t mean you should continue with it. People moving from paper often try to recreate their workflow in their EHR. But, if you are trying to leverage the value of an electronic system, you should consider how your organization can capitalize on that functionality. Think about the possibilities of how your clinic can function now that information is available for any authorized staff member.

5. Keep your Eye on the Bottomline

Cash flow and revenue cycle management can be a real business issue. Create goals or benchmarks for your key financial performance metrics, and use your integrated EHR system to monitor critical reports on a regular basis. In addition, you can share results with the entire team around daily collections, insurance claims outstanding, and your insurance Aging Report. When practice management, electronic health records and billing systems are integrated, you will see a direct impact on your revenue. You’ll begin seeing increase cash collections, a decrease in aging and better reporting for earning government funding.

6. Personalize. Configure. Customize.

Think about how your solution can be tailored for your organization. For example, how can your EHR be personalized for your users so they only see the information that’s relevant to their role? Similarly, how can it be configured with your programs, templates and forms? And, as often is necessary, how can your EHR be customized to meet your unique needs?

As you’re on your journey to implement an EHR that is optimized for your organization, ensure you select a vendor that will truly be a partner for you. One who will help you implement best practices for clinical workflows that meet the needs of your care setting. Optimizing your EHR will help you improve quality of care while also improving your team’s productivity. It’s a win-win.

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Vaccine Inventory App is Enhanced

Vaccine Inventory App Includes Multi-dose and Multi-vial Options

Patagonia Health announces system updates to their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system’s Vaccine Inventory App. In addition to the multi-dose vial option, users may now add a multi-vial dose into inventory.

This option is selected for products that may be billed for more than one unit, such as immunoglobulin.

Distinctions between Multi-dose and Multi-vial

Multi-dose vial – The actual mount administered is entered at administration. The system then calculates the units from the amount administered, divided by the dosage/unit. The calculated unites are then adjusted within the inventory.

Multi-vial dose – The units calculated for the dispense count referenced above are also used as billing units when using the Update Immunization Orders option in the Orders section of the Encounter Note.

Benefits of the Vaccine Inventory App Enhancement

This added flexibility enhances both accuracy in vaccine inventory assessment/counts and accuracy in billing. User requests drive feature development, making Patagonia Health’s EHR solution more robust for all users. Following user-centered design principles and agile development methodologies, we release software updates every six weeks. We are committed to maximizing our web-based platform to be the best readily-expandable and responsive electronic health record software on the market.

Custom Reports Added to EHR

Public Health EHR Custom Reports and Behavioral Health EHR Custom Reports

Patagonia Health announces that new reports have been added to the electronic health record (EHR) system’s Custom Reports.

The added custom reports, in addition to new state-specific reports that were also added to the EHR system, are address the needs of both public health and behavioral health agencies.

Public Health EHR Custom Reports

  • Prenatal Family Case Management:  displays all demographics in the Outcome/Goals Tracking tab in the Prenatal Family Case Management widget.
  • Declaration of Income Report:  displays all patients who do not have a signed declaration of income within 365 days of a date a service.
  • STD AAPPS Reports: displays summary visits and/or STD case/tests used for grant reporting.

Behavioral Health EHR Custom Reports

  • Weekly Progress Note Daily Attendance (for Behavioral Health):  includes signed and open weekly progress notes for a given date and Weekly Progress Note fields of Billable and Non-Billable Units.
  • ASQ3 Report (for Behavioral Health):  displays demographic information and scores for each based on the identified date range. Data is pulled from the Screening Counseling Assessment Tools widget.

WIth the addition of these custom reports, Patagonia Health continues to demonstrate that we are responsive to the needs and requests of our users. We are committed to maximizing our web-based platform as the best readily-expandable electronic health record on the market.