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Are EHR and EMR the Same Thing?


Are EHR and EMR the same thing? Sometimes the terms Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) are used interchangeably. These are very different technologies. It’s important to know the difference.  What is an EMR? An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the digital version of a paper chart used in medical practices, unique […]

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Public Health Infrastructure Saves Lives Act Re-Introduced

public health infrastructure funding

Lawmakers have re-introduced legislation to provide consistent funding for maintenance of Public Health infrastructure and healthcare IT systems. The Public Health Infrastructure Saves Lives Act is meant to stop the boom-bust funding cycle that the public health system has struggled with for decades and instead provide a steady stream of support. If adopted, the act […]

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Internet Explorer Security is going away: Is it taking yours with it?

exploring security risks of internet browsers

With internet explorer security going away because of no longer being supported by Microsoft, healthcare agencies and organizations using that browser need to consider if that is jeopardizing their security. Major hacking events, including healthcare ransomware attacks, are increasingly reported in the news. In protecting sensitive system data stored on cloud-based SaaS technology EHRs, all […]

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6 Ways to Optimize Your EHR

optimize for EHR success with your EHR vendor

Whether you are moving from paper, a hybrid system or an existing EHR, now is the time to think about how to optimize your EHR. It’s not an easy task. It has a lot of moving parts. But, putting this effort in before you search for an EHR vendor and implement a system is key […]

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