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Staff Moves: Increasing Security and Protecting Patient Data

security protecting patient data

With news of cyberattacks on the rise, healthcare agencies can do a lot towards increasing security and protecting patient data. Shopping for a secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution is one step. Your agency can also support your team through training, policies and a comprehensive security program. It should be stressed to all staff members […]

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Protect Patient Data from CyberAttack: 5 EHR Security Features

protect patient data from cyberattack

Major hacking events are now commonplace and will become even more prevalent, sophisticated and severe. Prime targets include healthcare agencies, school districts, city governments, etc. According to the ninth annual Health IT Industry Outlook Survey, 25% of healthcare organizations plan to invest their IT dollars on cybersecurity this year. Wisely invest your IT budget and […]

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Internet Explorer Security is going away: Is it taking yours with it?

exploring security risks of internet browsers

With internet explorer security going away because of no longer being supported by Microsoft, healthcare agencies and organizations using that browser need to consider if that is jeopardizing their security. Major hacking events, including healthcare ransomware attacks, are increasingly reported in the news. In protecting sensitive system data stored on cloud-based SaaS technology EHRs, all […]

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2-Factor Authentication: A shield for PHI against hackers

PHI 2 Factor Authentication

Protected Health Information (PHI) is hacked, stolen or misused with regularity and more than need be.  Sometimes you can’t help HIPAA breaches, but often times there are measures you can and should take to protect and secure PHI data.   All health care agencies must abide by the HIPPA and HITECH laws, but it is […]

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4 Reasons Not Conducting a Security Risk Assessment Can Cost You Money

Security Risk Assessment

A Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is an analysis of your healthcare organization or associated business for any potential threats or issues in handling protected health information (PHI) under the Health Insurance Portability and accountability Act (HIPAA). It is also mandatory for all Covered Entities under the HIPAA security rule and needs to be performed annually. […]

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