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Becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC): Part 2

How to Become a CCBHC, Part 2

We’re continuing our conversation surrounding the growing behavioral health model: CCBHC. Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics provide access to mental health and addiction services to vulnerable populations. No matter an individual’s ability to pay, these clinics provide comprehensive, integrated care. SAMHSA recently announced $200 million dollars available in expansion grants for the model.1 Our recent […]

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What is it? EHR Management Dashboard App for local health departments

A “Dashboard” provides users a quick view of overall performance of a system. For example, we are all used to a car dashboard which provides a quick view of performance of a car and its sophisticated engine. Car dashboards provide driver performance information (e.g. speed), indicators (e.g. remaining fuel, engine temperature) and warning alerts (engine […]

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