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Complete EHR Solutions: Weaving the Golden Thread

EHR for weaving the golden thread

The Golden Thread is a form of documentation that supports a meaningful client narrative throughout the journey of their care. EHR systems are used in conjunction with this form of documentation and offer a method of allowing a client’s data to be recorded and viewed in such a manner that very little time is used, […]

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A Healthy EHR = a Healthy Bottom Line: “No blood clots allowed!”

aorta diagram

Getting the bottom line healthy for any health-care related clinic or business is the business equivalent of the aorta to the human body: it is the life-line for health to abound for both patients and employees.   The overall health of a person’s body is keenly tied to blood successfully flowing through the aorta – […]

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How to improve your collections process with 5 easy changes

How to improve Collections

In today’s medical billing world of keeping up with regulatory issues (like ICD 10 changes), it is imperative to have the right staff and workflow challenges and to have the right software to support your agency needs. If you are a public health department, a community health, behavioral health, FQHC or private practice, make sure […]

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Three easy steps to increase reimbursements for public health departments

reduce claims denials, reduce billing errors, expand number of payers

Three easy steps to increase reimbursements for public health departments.  How a modern Electronic Health Record software can be your friend.   Over the past few years, local health departments have continued to see their budgets shrink. Federal government has mandated that all clinics, including public health, must adopt a federally certified Electronic Health Record […]

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A 12-step plan for ICD-10-CM implementation for local health departments

Public health department’s billing staff may have some huge challenges come October 1, 2015. Don’t take risks – start getting ready now!   The upcoming 10th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), is meant to be a great improvement over the 9th edition, but it could mean severe financial risks if public health […]

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