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Avoiding Analysis Paralysis When Selecting an EHR

too many choices

Think back to the grocery shopping experience of our childhood. The cereals were a “section” – not an entire aisle.  We chose between Cheerios[i] and Wheaties[ii]. Or. if Mom was in a splurge mood and it was our lucky day, Captain Crunch[iii] or (you guessed it) Lucky Charms[iv]. But can you guess how many kinds […]

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Having the Right Tool at the Right Time

EHR Toolkit for Planning and Procurement

In our last blog, we encouraged agencies who were beginning the process of implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system  to “Find Your Driver”:  to identify the one key person in your system who believes in the idea of what an EHR platform could do, believes in the people providing support behind the system – […]

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Is Your EHR Vendor Legit? The Top 4 things to Find Out

integrity image

Today’s EHR market offers numerous options and tremendous variety in electronic health records software that it can be cumbersome to decide which vendor to choose.  Uncertainty can be due to any number of reasons, so this must be a big part of the discussion among your staff, prior to buying a new EHR. First, the […]

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EHR Adoption Problems – Is it a generational or training issue?

Generational Training

There are numerous articles on line about the concerns over using Electronic Health Records (EHR) software.  These concerns include all the same things EHRs are supposed to improve – accuracy, security, and even time-consumption among other things.  This is especially true during the EHR adoption implementation phase, according to a study published by the Journal […]

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