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No more “Do It Yourself (DIY) Electronic Health Records (EHR)”

Electronic Health Records

Over twenty years ago, I started my career in the human services software industry, focusing on public and mental health. Back then, the software was 100% proprietary and was mainly used for billing and reporting systems. They ran software on expensive RISC based UNIX systems and the servers alone, to run the software, were well […]

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Learn what it means for billing and payments under ICD-10-CM rules

ICD-10-CM Codes

Two things you should do now to get ready for ICD 10 switch over on October 1, 2015. Learn what it means for billing and payments under ICD-10-CM rules.   Public health billing staff and all healthcare centers have huge changes in billing coming down the pike! And there is no rollover or trial period. […]

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The 6 must-haves for an easy to use EHR for Local Health Departments.

With the federal mandate for adoption of an Electronic Health Record (EHR), one has no choice but to move to an EHR. All medical practices must move to meaningful use compliance and local health departments are not exempt. We know that local health department professionals are good at what they do, but not all staff […]

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A ten-year road trip for Meaningful Use. Where will it lead?

Interoperability has always been the long term goal for Electronic Health Record (EHR) use, but like most things, it is often better to start with the basic structure and grow into it. Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 1 implemented the basics of an EHR System using structured data capture and sharing, and now Stage 2 incorporates […]

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