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Using EHR Data to Improve Population Health

EHR data Population Health

Without data, managing the health of the communities would be near impossible for local health departments.  It also is, of course, an obvious fact that electronic health records are a key source of health data and can provide some greatly needed elements for analysis of population health.   By combining EHR data with a visualization […]

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The 2 Sides of Safeguarding your EHR Data from Cybersecurity Threats

People vs Technology

In today’s electronic healthcare world, it is important to make the patient feel safe about sharing their health details.  If they feel their personal health information (PHI) could be at risk of hackers, they may be more likely to withhold information, which could result (worst case scenario) in life threatening consequences.  To fully create a […]

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Timely data is difficult to obtain for urban public health departments

Timely data is difficult to obtain for urban (and rural) public health departments

With federal meaningful use Electronic Health Record (EHR) mandates, and connectivity via the Health Information Exchange (HIE), real time data should be available to all public health departments. In an ideal connected world, all public health departments and health agencies would be collecting data and sharing de-identified data to rid the world of infectious and […]

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What is it? EHR Management Dashboard App for local health departments

A “Dashboard” provides users a quick view of overall performance of a system. For example, we are all used to a car dashboard which provides a quick view of performance of a car and its sophisticated engine. Car dashboards provide driver performance information (e.g. speed), indicators (e.g. remaining fuel, engine temperature) and warning alerts (engine […]

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What’s happening with Title X Family Planning?

The Title X Family Planning program, originally established as Title X of the Public Health Service Act in 1970, is a federal grant program dedicated to providing low-income individuals with comprehensive family planning services based on their ability to pay.   Title X clinical service providers include state, county and local health departments, community centers, […]

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