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Implementation Best Practices for EHRs

ehr implementation best practices

While implementation occurs after selecting an EHR, it is important to know what to expect and EHR implementation best practices. Implementing new software is a large project. Whether you’re transitioning from paper to an EHR system or switching EHR systems altogether, the change is significant. Follow these best practices to ease the transition. Create a […]

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Cloud Based Complete EHR Systems: Solving the Build it or Buy it Debate

cloud based complete ehr systems solving build it or buy it

When shopping for an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution, one of the first decisions to be made is whether to build it (modular EHR) or buy it (complete EHR). Cloud based, complete EHR systems are solving the build it or buy it debate. Modular EHRs give healthcare agencies the opportunity to make a custom solution. […]

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Finding a Trustworthy EHR Vendor

finding a trustworthy ehr vendor

Finding a trustworthy EHR vendor is important. The investment in a new system is significant and carries risks and consequences of failure. When your healthcare agency is shopping for a new EHR system, do your due diligence and vet your vendor as well. Do not exhaust your budget for a system that comes with hidden […]

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EHR Implementation for Behavioral Health Challenges

ehr for behavioral health

EHR implementation for Behavioral Health has seen many challenges. In 2019, North Carolina attempted to change Medicaid to a system run by healthcare companies and lawmakers were pushing to make health records electronic. However, some providers were not exactly on board. Health records within large hospitals and clinics have been electronic, but some smaller mental […]

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The Threat to Mental Health during COVID-19 & How Practitioners Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has been full of challenges both mentally and physically for most Americans and the threat to mental health during COVID-19 has increased dramatically. Many have lost jobs, got laid off, lived in isolation, and existed in fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus for months on end. On top of that, the current […]

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