Designed for Public Health

Patagonia Health stands apart from other vendors because our Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution was designed specifically for Public Health departments. However, we understand that each Public Health department is different and may require unique tools to address their state or local needs. This is why our interface is designed through collaboration with our clients and other partners, so we can deliver a configured solution that meets the needs of our users in the ever-changing healthcare industry. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reporting functionalities to meet county, state, federal, and grant funding requirements
  • Reimbursement tools to decrease denials and dependency on outside funds
  • Master patient indexing for an automatic, seamless transfer of patient data 
  • SaaS-based solution with low IT footprint
  • Unlimited customer support
  • HIPAA and HITRUST Certified
  • ONC Promoting Interoperability Certified
  • 7x Stevie Award Winner for Customer Service

Easy to Use and Learn

We know that for most local health departments, IT training is not a primary focus—patient care is. Our customers say that Patagonia Health apps make it easy to use and learn for any user in a local health department, regardless of background or training level. 

Our Public Health-specific apps meet requirements of clinical, billing, administrative and managerial staff. These apps are designed to capture all of the required data in a structured format via an intelligent user interface. They allow LHDs to improve workflow, increase efficiency, achieve compliance, and get instantaneous access to financial information.

Check out our features page for even more information about our solution.

Other Public Health EHR Apps and Functionalities Include:

  • Immunization, Immunization Inventory, and Mass Vaccination (supportive of programs like VFC and 317 Immunization)
  • Contactless Patient Experience App (including the Patient Portal, MyHealth)
  • Maternal and Child Health & Family Planning (Title X and V, FPAR, and FPAR 2.0)
  • Tuberculosis testing and treatment
  • HIV Case Management
  • Pharmacy (with inventory and reporting that support 340B programs)
  • Telehealth App with ability to view patient clinical charts while face-to-face with patient
  • Management Dashboard (analytics for your Clinical or Health Director)
  • Time and Effort Tracking (for program/ insurance reporting)
  • Ability to have multiple staff in a patient record simultaneously

Supportive of Public Health 3.0

Patagonia Health’s end-to-end solution extends far beyond Electronic Health Records to meet your goals. We are committed to continual development of our solutions to address the modern needs of Public Health organizations. The Public Health 3.0 framework requires multi-system interoperability through your EHR, like bidirectional data exchanges and reporting systems that are compatible with outside organizations. Likewise, it requires partnerships and collaboration from all parties involved with the health department. 

In addition, health equity has always been a driving factor of Public Health. To solve health equity issues, we recognize the importance of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Patagonia Health’s clients take advantage of our EHR solution and the functionalities we have developed to report on SDOH data. We also provide interface capabilities, when available with HIE’s, that helps serve your community members by sharing that information with other types of care providers. 

Modern EHR systems include two core features in order to move towards Healthy People 2030: Digitization of paper documentation and core reporting capabilities. See how we support these features through our EHR functionalities here.