Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Community Health Centers (CHC) work in medically under-served communities and populations often with limited funds and staff. The providers at CHCs and FQHCs need to improve efficiency to streamline paperwork and keep their team serving the communities that need them. Annual reporting for grant submissions and HRSA requirements also require pages of patient and financial data and hours of resources. Patagonia Health recognizes and understands the unique issues that CHCs and FQHCs face with various workflows and federal reporting requirements.  The cloud-based nature of the EHR makes for simple and secure data entry and sharing of patient data from any web-enabled device. Patagonia Health’s demographic screens as well as clinical templates automatically capture the data which needs to be reported. What used to be a frustrating, error prone, costly and time-consuming process for data collection and reporting is now streamlined into one easy to learn and use EHR. We automatically update the EHR to ensure compliance changing Uniform Data System (UDS) requirements.

Patagonia Health offers a number of apps and features designed for the unique requirements of CHCs and FQHCs:
    • Patient Registration App: With the Patagonia Health app, each patient in each program automatically slides to a different scale for payment, depending on his or her family income. The system then generates a declaration of income for the patient to electronically sign via a signature pad. Keeping up to date with sliding fee scale per Federal Poverty Guidelines is simple.
    • Clinical App: Patagonia Health EHR includes comprehensive templates for all the services such as adult health, women’s health, child health (including Bright Futures), immunization, medical nutrition therapy, diabetes management, communicable diseases (including STD, HIV, TB), integrated behavioral health, substance abuse, smoking cessation, school health and physical exams. Patagonia Health builds the templates you need and the system works out of the box.
    • HRSA Uniform Data System (UDS) Reporting: Special designations like FQHC require extensive reporting on performance and health data. Patagonia Health electronically captures and tracks patient information from end to end- all the way from scheduling appointments to sending and receiving claims to payers. The reporting capabilities of the system make required state, federal, and special grant reporting requirements more efficient and with less errors. Generating UDS reports is now an easy, no-hassle process.
    • PCMH Recognition and Reporting: Integrated care for patients produces better outcomes, reduced costs, and happier staff and patients. As an additional benefit to your center, the Patient Center Medical Home Recognition from NCQA is supported through Patagonia Health’s solutions from FQHCs. Whether you are already designated or looking to become recognized,  our support team is there to help guide  your way.
    • Billing and Financial App: Patagonia Health electronically connects to more than 2,000 payers from across the nation, including Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS, United, Managed Care Organizations (MCOS), etc. There’s no need to upload and download 835 and 837s, which simplifies the billing process. Patagonia Health’s unique billing software significantly cuts down denials and rejections. Current Patagonia Health clients experience rejections less than 0.4 percent of the time, increasing their departmental revenue. And, they are getting paid faster (on average, in 8 days). Real-time insurance eligibility makes it easy to verify a patient’s insurance and co-pay.
    • Other Features: Patagonia Health has a comprehensive set of features, including a gold-certified electronic prescription solution, support of in-house labs, HL 7 interface to external labs, in-house pharmacy management (with built in inventory management) and immunization management (including bar code scanning and inventory management).
    • Cloud based: Since Patagonia Health EHR is cloud-based, you do not need to install expensive on-site servers and, thus, do not need to manage the associated IT headaches that follow server management. All you need is internet connection and computers or laptops. You can access the system from anywhere, anytime. What is more, it is secure as it meets strict federal Meaningful Use privacy and security requirements.
    • Connectivity and Interoperability: FQHCs and CHCs need to connect to the state HIE, immunization registries, and labs. To learn more about the interfaces that Patagonia Health supports, visit our Features List.
    • Award-Winning Customer Service and Support: Never go it alone again. With Patagonia Health’s EHR solutions you also receive top of the line service and support from a team trained and knowledgeable in everything from standard problem solving to registration and attestation for Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs and annual grant reporting. Our team of specialists can guide you through complicated processes and teach you tips and tricks for making you and your team well-organized and efficient.