Family planning and reproductive health services are provided by a variety of agencies including local health departments, community health centers (CHC), and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). For Family Planning and Reproductive Health clinics, efficient data and reporting are central to maintaining grant requirements and allowing the clinic to service patients regardless of their ability to pay. Often, these clinics run short staffed and need an efficient and easy to use Family Planning EHR to help increase productivity and improve reimbursements.


Patagonia Health EHR appreciates the concerns of clinics providing family planning services and has a range of apps and solutions to help clinics save time and increase their reimbursements. We understand the reporting needs of Family Planning clinics working off of Title X funding grants. Family Planning Annual Reports (FPAR) is made much easier by easy to use reporting options and included demographic options. We have partnered with the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) which oversees FPAR, required for Title X grantees. We participated in IHE Connectathon for the new Family Planning Profile (FPP) which is driven by the FPAR 2.0 initiative of OPA to improve health IT for Title X Family Planning facilities.


Integrated practice management, all the way from appointment setting to clinical charting to billing, can help you streamline time consuming paperwork and reports and get back to providing vital services to the community. Patagonia Health also helps with local and state reporting requirements that may include special forms and templates. We work with you to ensure accurate data while eliminating duplicate entries and unnecessary clicks in the system.


Patagonia Health offers a number of apps and features designed for the unique requirements of Title X Funded Family Planning Clinics:

  • Patient Registration App: With the Patagonia Health app, each patient in each program automatically slides to a different scale for payment, depending on his or her household income. The system then generates a declaration of income for the patient to electronically sign via a signature pad. Keeping up to date with sliding fee scale per Federal Poverty Guidelines is simple.
  • Affordability and Usability: Designed with small clinics in mind, Patagonia health determines the price per user, making it more affordable for clinics currently relying on grants. The system is pre-configured and it works right out of the box, thereby avoiding the need for any extra effort from customers’ IT teams. The user interface is clean and modern and the environment has been designed to feel natural. Working with the software is simple because each user needs to navigate to just 2-3 screens to do his or her job.
  • Cloud based: Since Patagonia Health EHR is cloud based, you do not need to install expensive on site servers and associated IT headaches. All you need is internet and computers or laptops. You can access the system from anywhere, anytime. What is more, it is secure as it meets strict federal meaningful use privacy and security requirements.
  • Award-Winning Customer Service and Support: Never go it alone again. With Patagonia Health’s EHR solutions you also receive top of the line service and support from a team trained and knowledgeable in everything from standard problem solving to registration and attestation for Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs and annual grant reporting. Our team of specialists can guide you through complicated processes and teach you tips and tricks for making you and your team well-organized and efficient.