Billers are often exhausted from switching back and forth between tools.

A great way to free up valuable time and effort is an integrated billing solution. Having a separate solution increases the risk of errors, claim denials, and slowdowns in processing payments.

Patagonia Health’s integrated EHR, Practice Management, and Billing solution connects to over 3,000 government and commercial insurance payers including Medicaid, Medicare, LME/MCO, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, and more.

Clinical notes captured in the EHR flow into an Electronic Super Bill (ESB). Billing staff can then quickly review/audit all service charges in one central place and amend charges prior to sending them off to payers. 

Our included clearinghouse connectivity expedites claim submissions and payments. Claims can be submitted either in real-time or in batches to best suit your chosen workflow requirements.

Extensive reports are available to view the status of all claims (submitted, denials, paid, etc.).

Our system allows for insurance verification, sliding fee scales, unit billing, and claims remittance. The system is compliant with all HIPAA transaction formats, including but not limited to 835, 837, and 5010.

Some other benefits: 

  • Standard and financial reports based on claims and payment data
  • Claim-specific reports by provider, payer, payment status, program, etc.
  • Customizable statements by facility policies and information
  • Robust accounts receivable reporting
  • Bulk statements creation
  • Custom transactions like ledger types for payments, adjustments, and nonmedical charges
  • Clearinghouse connectivity to submit claims in real-time or batches
  • Personalized dashboard