Your EHR for Integrated Care

When mental health and primary care providers work together to address whole-person health needs with integrated care, they are faced with a unique set of challenges. Providers often address health conditions that may not be easily categorized as psychiatric or physical. Therefore, workflows for integrated care are more complex. Patagonia Health’s patient-centered solutions and services can be applied to support the delivery of integrated behavioral healthcare in a way that allows you to focus on providing a continuum of care for the whole person. Our integrated care EHR includes:

  • Care management, such as patient education & empowerment
  • Effective medication management
  • Systematic diagnosis and outcome tracking
  • Stepped care
  • Connection to various registries

Workflows for Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

Integrated care practices need a technology solution that fits into their workflow to transition clients from check-in through billing. Our integrated care EHR is apps-based and easily configurable to meet the needs of each role within your organization. Just like apps on a smartphone, users can display only the apps or widgets they need on their screen. This provides a clutter-free user experience that improves efficiency. Additionally, Patagonia Health’s EHR provides a seamless workflow for integrated care because it is designed specifically for behavioral health, primary care and community health centers. We help you easily navigate through patient intake, clinical charting, billing and reporting.

Easy Coordination of Care

Providing integrated behavioral healthcare means that your organization may be operating as part of a larger team in order to deliver the best possible whole person treatment. Physicians, therapists, counselors within your organization all join forces to provide needed services. For that reason, you require an integrated care EHR system that promotes behavioral health integration by capturing and sharing information that allows you to achieve better outcomes for your patients. Furthermore, not only do we support you in these ways, but we also connect with state HIEs and registries to promote coordination of care.

Revenue Cycle Management

In order for your integrated care organization to successfully support your community, you need an efficient platform for revenue cycle management. A platform that enables you to collect more revenue, more quickly and with less stress. Our system confirms patient eligibility in real time. It connects to thousands of payors nationwide. And, it allows you to see a clear picture of your accounts receivable at all times. Additionally, our extensive reports enable you to stay on top of the financial health of your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how our integrated care EHR can support your strides toward behavioral health integration.