Supporting the Clubhouse Mission

Clubhouses work specifically with people with mental illness to help them lead productive, happy lives. As a Clubhouse, your organization functions differently than other mental health and behavioral health centers. Your Clubhouse EHR must be flexible, easy to use and allow you to simplify your processes because of your unique structure and the types of services you provide.

Implement a Clubhouse EHR

Because Patagonia Health’s federally-certified solutions support your unique programs, you have more time to dedicate to helping your members. Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system supports:

    • Care Plans for Psychosocial Rehabilitation
    • Demographic reporting for grant funding
    • Billing to Medicaid
    • Community Support Services
    • Document Management
    • Daily and Weekly Progress Notes
  • HIE (Health Information Exchange) connectivity

EHR for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Above all, your Clubhouse is focused on providing psychosocial rehabilitation to enable your members to improve life outcomes through independent living, social skills training, psychological support and vocational training. To manage this variety of services for each member, you need an EHR that enables you create customized care plans geared toward psychosocial rehabilitation. Chart daily and weekly progress notes to set goals, track progress and create group notes with Patagonia Health’s Clubhouse EHR. This functionality allows you to enter individualized details for each group member from one screen. These capabilities help you effectively guide your members to recovery.

Billing to Medicaid

While not all Clubhouses are able to bill to Medicaid, those who do benefit from an EHR that has a fully integrated billing system. Billing to medicaid allows your Clubhouse to operate with more solvency. Therefore, you’re able to continue supporting your members with the programs they need to be successful. Our billing system delivers a cost-effective way for your to bill to and receive reimbursements from medicaid. Additionally, you’ll be able to meet regulatory compliance requirements and generate all necessary reporting.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Clubhouse EHR can support the unique needs of your your organization so you have added resources to help people with mental illness participate as valued and respected members of society.