Integrated Telehealth Solution

Telehealth has never been easier.

Accessible, easy, and secure virtual patient healthcare platform

Telehealth solutions give providers the opportunity to care for clients without being in the same physical space. Patagonia Health’s HIPAA-compliant Telehealth App is built into its Electronic Health Record which ensures a seamless workflow that is easy for clinical staff to use.

Save time with direct integration functionalities that connect with your calendar, along with utilizing our Communicator App to send out invites and links. Clients can access individual and group telehealth appointments via any computer or mobile device with internet access. Our automated group notes integration with our Group Telehealth App will allow for hybrid, on-site, and remote participation.

See how the Telehealth App Works

Our embedded telehealth solution works with your existing workflow and is super easy to use. Take a look at what a telehealth visit using Patagonia Health is like.

Key Benefits

  • Review and document the client’s record during virtual sessions
  • Instant-access links can be copied or shared to simplify patient engagement
  • Video can be paused during telehealth visits when necessary
  • Telehealth appointment messages (with video call link) easily sent via email or text using the Communicator App
  • Screen share within sessions to easily complete clinical forms with your clients
  • Chat functionality within sessions for increased participation in group settings
  • Integrated group notes and automated group appointments with group telehealth functions

Why Use Telehealth?

Continuity of Care

Telehealth makes it easy to maintain relationships over time and under various circumstances.

Improved Efficiency

Our embedded telehealth lets you conduct and document visits conveniently within your workflow.

Increased Satisfaction

Telehealth is easy for schedulers, practitioners, and patients, making better experiences for everyone.

Telehealth App Features

Fully-embedded Telehealth Solution

No new tools to learn. No switching screens. Conduct telehealth visits from scheduling to billing all within Patagonia Health.

Easy Scheduling and Reminders

Our Telehealth App is built into our existing patient reminder system. Make appointments, share links and start sessions all from within the calendar.

No Downloads Required

Our Telehealth App is browser-based. This means patients can join their telehealth visits from any computer, tablet, or smartphone simply by clicking on the link provided.

Interested in Learning More?

Let us know a little about you, and one of our team members will reach out to discuss how Patagonia Health’s Telehealth App can help your Public Health organization.