Medication Dispensing, Tracking, and Inventory Control

Medication tracking and inventory control are challenging for health organizations. Patagonia Health’s Pharmacy App allows you to enter medication inventory into the solution by location then dispense to the patient, maintaining accurate, real-time inventory.

Track and dispense inventory by funding source (ex. free, private, 340b). The drug name, manufacturer, NDC codes, link CPT/HCPCS Codes, billing units, modifiers, etc are maintained in the system, complete with inventory and dispense reporting.

When dispensing, the user sees dispensed history and is able to print a label. If the patient leaves without their medications, the dispense can be reversed to maintain accurate inventory. All of this information is stored within the EHR.

Key Benefits:

  • Electronically tracks dispensed medications, including patient name, lot number, etc.
  • Provides built-in alerts for electronic inventory tracking
  • Eliminates paper medication administration records 
  • Allows you to print medication labels from the EHR as part of the process
  • Offers complete inventory and dispense reporting

Interested in Learning More?

Let us know a little about you, and one of our team members will reach out to discuss how Patagonia Health’s Pharmacy App can help your health organization.